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The term "industrial materials" is a very broad generic descriptor that attempts to delineate or label any type of raw material used for the fabrication, production, manufacture, or configuring of a service or product. The use of this general term covers an extremely broad category of materials that are used in the manufacture of every type of item or product.

Regardless of the words, "industrial materials" being far reaching and general, the things that it describes can be placed into four categories, two of which are consumables and materials to be converted into other products. The consumables category refers to fuel, various liquids, and water. Raw materials that can be reshaped or reconfigured to function as part of a larger device are part of the category of industrial materials that can be converted into other products.

Consumables are the supplies that industries use to complete the manufacturing process but are not associated with or part of the end product. Industry runs on energy which can be electrical, fossil fuel, gas, or some other form of power source. Though this form of industrial material is never seen as a part of the final product, it is an essential and necessary part of product production.

At the other end of the continuum are the raw materials that are placed in the final product and are an important part of a products quality, usefulness, and ability to perform properly. There is a limitless list of raw materials that are used to manufacture quality products with minerals, metals, and ore being a major part of the group.

Industrial materials that are convertible into other shapes and forms are normally a single piece, such as a bracket, or part of a larger device. Their adaptability and ability to be configured makes them ideal to produce useful products. It is from this group that new innovations are developed and put to practical use.

Aside from the two groups of industrial materials that are used for making other products, the third group is both products and consumables, which is organic natural resources. This group includes animals harvested and grown for food, crops, and textiles. The members of this category come in many shapes and forms that are put to use for a variety of purposes as a final product or for processing before becoming a final product. Trees, for example, serve the due purpose of being a fuel as well as a building material.

Another aspect of industrial materials are ones that are manually processed to be sent on to be used to make other products. This group includes minerals that are mined and refined, such as aluminum, which are then used to produce thousands of different devices and equipment. The industries that fall into this category exist for the purpose of converting raw natural minerals into industrial materials for other industries to use to manufacture commercial and industrial products.

Though "industrial materials" is a very broad description of the materials that are used to make the items we use, it can be easily broken into the four groups of supplies, convertible materials, organic resources, and refinable minerals. By using these categorizations, it is easier to understand where industrial materials originate and how they are put to use. Having such an understanding can assist in developing a clearer grasp of industrial, manufacturing, and production processes.

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